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Conducting business in The Netherlands

Conducting business abroad presents a challenge, but also offers numerous opportunities. To make the most of these opportunities, while at the same time minimising the risks, companies often need specific knowledge and experience, provided in a timely and reliable manner.

We are aware that setting up a business in the Netherlands means that you will be faced with numerous questions, not only about the new business environment and structure, but also regarding the corresponding requirements.
Our company is experienced in helping identify (legal) requirements for foreign companies setting up and conducting business in the Netherlands.

Our office is based in Gorinchem, approximately 40 miles from Amsterdam. Our office provides direct access to a professional network elsewhere in the Netherlands, as well as to other professionals in Europe.

Enterprise requirements

Various requirements should be met when conducting or starting up business activities in the
Netherlands. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which meets the needs of foreign companies conducting business in or from the Netherlands. In addition to offering a broad range of services, we would be pleased to support you in addressing the issues below.

1 Establishment of a company

2 Taxes /VAT, Wage tax, Corporation Tax

3 Salary accounting

4 Accounting system

5 Annual financial statements


Consolidation, audit and filing requirements

Depending on the size and structure of a company, various requirements are applicable with respect
to the preparation and audit of the financial statements, and filing with the Chamber of Commerce.


When setting up business in the Netherlands, various requirements and needs may have to be met. The nature of the business and the form of the business entity will determine which of these will be relevant. Due to our professional code and independence regulations, we will not always be able to perform certain services. However, we can always offer you acces to our extensive professional network of contacts in all areas of business and governing agencies.


• Lawyers

• Real estate agent’s offices

• Trust offices

• Expat services

• Residence and work permits

• Customs formalities

• Product labeling

• Certified translation agencies

• Actuary office

• Personnel recruitment agencies

More information? Contact the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


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